We believe that baking is an art as well as a science which can only be perfected with years of experience and dedicated hard work.

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Join Team Jacobs Cake world and enjoy a fulfilling career. Here is where you’ll find the latest job vacancies at our bakeries.

Current Vacancies:

Professional Baker

Duties and responsibilities:

     Making cakes as per specification .

       Weighing and measuring ingredients for the preparation of different types of cakes

       Kneading dough by hand or using industrial dough mixers

       Forming cakes to the desired shape

       Baking items in oven (electric, gas or wood-fired)

       Monitoring oven temperature, humidity and baking times

       Managing retail cake outlets

       Complying with food hygiene and safety requirements

       Monitoring stocks and ordering in new supplies based on production requirements

Skills Required:

Have a full operational knowledge of all recipes, standards, portion size and presentation styles.

Have minimum of 5 years as baker

Salary: 27,000 per annum


At Least 5 years of experience as a professional Baker .

Closing date: 30/04/2021

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