Terms and conditions

Allergy advice:

The cakes are all homemade in an environment which uses eggs, nuts, milk, soya and cereals.  We cannot guarantee that our cakes do not have traces of the above-mentioned allergens even though we do cross contamination process in the place.


The coloured cream may STAIN. All our coloured cream do contain one or more of the following (Tartrazine    E102, quinoline yellow E104, allura red E129, ponceau 4R E124, carmoisine E122, sunset yellow E110).

Shelf life:

We recommend to keep our cakes in refrigerator so that they will last for 2 to 3 days. While refrigerating there are chances to get cracks on the cake.


Professional chefs are making our cakes handmade and as a result the exact colour and design may slightly vary from our website pictures. If you have any queries regarding our cakes, please contact our shop on 020 8570 9009/ 020 8582 8530.

Cake delivery:

We do deliver the cakes, 7 days a week.

Our delivery team will make sure that the cake reaches the destination in perfect condition within scheduled delivery time. We do same day and next day delivery services. 

If you have any queries regarding our delivery, please contact our shop on 020 8570 9009/ 020 8582 8530.


Our phone lines are open 9.00am – 9.00pm

If the lines are busy, one from our team will call you back as soon as possible. If you want to drop messages through WhatsApp on +447460661227

What would be the time slots and delivery charges?

Please find the below time slots and the respective delivery charges. We have got few priority delivery slots. We will deliver your cakes safe to you.

Standard delivery within 1 mile is free. 

Standard delivery (9am – 9pm) £4.99

Priority delivery (8am – 2pm) £9.99

Priority delivery (2pm– 6pm) £9.99

Priority delivery (6pm – 8pm) £9.99

Midnight delivery (10pm – 2am) £18.99

After 5 miles the charge will increase £2.00 per mile.

We do same day delivery

We will prepare cakes freshly and deliver on the same day. Please find the delivery charges below for same day delivery.

Same day delivery (2pm– 6pm) £9.99

Same day delivery (6pm – 8pm) £9.99

Same day delivery (10pm – 2am) £18.99

If the delivery service is not available to your location, the website will offer you a nearest collection point or contact us on 02085709009/ 02085828530

If you want to updates your order or any changes in collection point, date or time please feel free to contact.

Deliveries are made on correct date and time but there are some factors like traffic breakdowns, weather and accident which can cause a delay in delivery, In case of priority delivery refund will be provided only if it is delivered after 2 hours from the given time.

The customers who choose the cakes to be delivered have to come out of the house or apartment to collect the cake from our delivery man.  If the cake is not collected within 5 minutes, it will be returned to our shop by leaving a delivery invoice at your door step. Then the customer has to come and collect it directly from our shop.

Cancellation and refund policy:

For the cancellations that are made in less than 48 hours before the delivery dates are not refundable. Please contact us on 02085709009 / 02085828530, if you need any assistance.

If there is any damage or misspelled names on your cakes, you have to keep us informed by WhatsApp, call or email with pictures of all sides of cake within 5 hrs after the delivery made by our driver. All cakes will be tested by our analyst before dispatching. If you have any concern regarding the quality of our cake, you have to return it with minimum of 90% of actual cake with origin box. If not refund will not be made.

Things to note while ordering a customised cake:

All our cakes will taste better with our website designs for those particular cakes. While customising a cake the taste may change due to the additional things which are using for the finishing of cakes.The darker shades may taste bitter and while adding more colour to get the customised shades the bitter taste increases

We prefer plain chocolate or vanilla flavour for customised cakes. But YES we are ready to customise your cakes with the flavours that you choose. But will not guarantee on the taste.